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A little bit about our history...

Mark Oberman, owner and President of Channel Islands Aviation, started flying to the Channel Islands in 1975. His air service to the Channel Islands led to the opening of our business in the fall of 1976. In the early years, our island business catered to Dr. Carey Stanton and the Gherini Family, former owners of Santa Cruz Island as well as the Vail & Vickers Company, former owners of Santa Rosa Island. The flying we did for the island families supported their ranching operations and basic transportation. In the 1980s we operated a bed and breakfast guest ranch under the name Channel Islands Adventures at the Christy Ranch on Santa Cruz Island.

Channel Islands Aviation became an official transportation concessionaire for the Channel Islands National Park in 1986. At that time we began flying park rangers, government officials, researchers and various other entities involved with the National Park.

Starting in 1978, Channel Islands Aviation provided aerial support for the Vail & Vickers Company hunting operation, which ran every year from August through December up until 2011. Hunters came from all over the country to fly with Channel Islands Aviation to Santa Rosa Island to hunt Kaibab Mule Deer and Roosevelt Elk.

Today, Channel Islands Aviation continues to support the National Park, The Nature Conservancy and NOAA as well as public visitation to the Channel Islands National Park. Some of the things that we fly include animals, refrigerators, car parts, building materials, groceries and mail.

Channel Islands Aviation is one of only a handful of companies operating Britten-Norman Islanders in the United States and operates the only commercial bush flying operation in Southern California.

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